Designing for Introvert vs. Extrovert Personality Types

Introvert vs Extrovert

I am used to spending quite a lot of my days alone, with my husband out at work, and me quietly working away in my business.  However, spending the majority of time during lockdown under the same roof as my husband has highlighted to me our different personality types.  I am very much an ambivert.  […]

7 Ways to Bring Pattern into your Home

7 Ways to Bring Pattern Into Your Home

Before I get started on pattern I thought I’d say a quick word on the virus. I am not a doctor or a scientist, and it’s hard to know who is right and who is wrong at a time like this when things seem to be changing on a daily basis. As an interior designer, […]

Building a Connection to Nature through our Interiors

Building a connection to nature

Last week, the BBC published an article discussing how we are all missing out on a daily dose of nature.  The writer referred to a study published by the National Trust with the University of Derby, which suggested “that being connected with nature – noticing natural phenomenon every day – is linked to higher well-being.” […]

What does Biophilic Design have to do with Wellness?


These days, we humans are increasingly spending up to 90% of our lives indoors. Today’s urban landscape and our growing dependency on technology are increasingly disconnecting us from the nature that used to be part of our everyday lives. Stress, anxiety and depression are very real, modern day afflictions.

How to Bring your Home to Life using Light

How to Bring your Home to Life using Light

I have talked quite a bit recently about how using colour in our homes can affect the way we feel, and how we behave.  But there is one vital element that needs to exist in order for us even to see colour, and that is light.  Without light, everything is just black.  It is light […]

Nine Designer New Year’s Resolutions You Need to Adopt


Happy 2020 to you all!  I hope that you’ve had a good and restorative holiday season, and are ready to tackle this new century head on! Whilst 2020 is still shiny and new, I thought I’d share with you some design resolutions that you can adopt in 2020 to make a positive chance to your […]

How to use Colour to Set the Mood in your Home – Part 2


A couple of days ago the doorbell rang.  It was a delivery driver asking if I’d accept delivery of a parcel on behalf of my neighbour.  Before she left, she turned to me and said “Your house has such a happy feeling to it”.  What colour, or combination of colours, we chose to use in […]

Does Your Home Bring You Joy?

Does Your Home Bring Joy

When you think about your home, does it make you smile?  Does your home inspire you; fill you with energy and creativity?  And how can tangible things create an intangible feeling of joy anyway? Research has shown that there are certain properties that define the way an object looks and feels that give rise to […]

Seven Ways to Transform your House into your own Personal Sanctuary


As an interior designer, often when I first visit my client’s house, I find spaces completely devoid of personality.  Rooms full of furniture, but nothing that grounds the space to create a relaxing, cosy environment.  Things just feel a bit off key, lacking those final finishing touches. Whether you’re a minimalist, a maximalist, or somewhere […]

Is there more to biophilic design than simply adding pot plants?


Biophilic design is increasingly becoming the buzz word of the moment, but what exactly is it?  The term Biophilia refers to our innate biological connection with nature.  It helps explain why crackling fires and crashing waves captivate us; why a garden view can enhance our creativity; why shadows instil fascination and fear; and why animal […]