Over the past 16 years, Nicola Holden Designs has made a name for itself by creating contemporary interiors that are synonymous with down-to-earth luxury, eclecticism and humour.

Nicola Holden - a designer offering contemporary interior design

Great design has been proven to enhance health, well-being and one’s quality of life. The spaces we inhabit have the power to lift us up and calm us down. I believe that our homes are our personal sanctuaries –spaces that restore our equilibrium in this world, that remind us of our journey through life, and inspire us to do more; be better. Interior design is about so much more than just creating beautiful spaces!

Your home should be a reflection of your success and individual lifestyle, and represent your style and passions. Good design should always tell your story.

My background in manufacturing gives me a keen eye for practical solutions, ergonomically functional design and beautiful craftsmanship. These practical elements are effortlessly blended into my designs. My engineering experience is particularly valuable when it comes to designing kitchens which are, after all, mini production lines!

My style is underpinned by the vivid colours and natural textures of my childhood in Zimbabwe, and my love of international travel provides a kaleidoscope of inspiration.

I believe that I have the responsibility to source products ethically, drawing upon the timeless and traditional skills of global craftsmen and women, and choosing products based on an environmental consciousness where possible. Through sourcing unique items I blend colours, and fuse furniture, lighting and art together in a way that enables me to deliver an eclectic richness to every interior.

I aim to create unique spaces that ooze luxury without taking themselves too seriously. The result is a look of relaxed luxury that makes a home feel ‘designed’ but not at the expense of familiarity, homeliness or function. A design that connects home and owner!

Our interiors are infused with passion and creativity, telling the client’s unique story through the language of design.

Our London-based studio has a portfolio that spans commissions in London and the Home Counties, Cheshire and Southern Africa.

Whether a private residence or commercial space, we are committed to achieving the best design solution possible.

Our friendly, approachable and collaborative method ensures a seamless and enjoyable design journey for the client.

Nicola is recognised as an influential ambassador of the interior design industry, regularly writing about design for magazines and blogs. She is an active member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID).

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