Happy 2020 to you all!  I hope that you’ve had a good and restorative holiday season, and are ready to tackle this new century head on!

Whilst 2020 is still shiny and new, I thought I’d share with you some design resolutions that you can adopt in 2020 to make a positive chance to your life, as well as to our planet, to make 2020 your best year yet.

Less is More
In a world where our seas are full of plastic, and our land is suffering from ravaging wild fires and devastating floods, it is time we all looked at what we are spending our money on, and to buy wisely.  We need to be considering quality rather than quantity.   We need to be choosing sustainability over depletion.  And we need to adopt an environmentally conscious mind set.

Upcycle and Reuse
Vintage pieces are imbued with nostalgia and memory, and help to create more interesting spaces. And of course they come with the added advantage of reusing something old, rather than just buying new.

Low Res IMG 1879
A reupholstered chair, and a mix of new and old pieces create a homely feeling in this living room

Get Personal
Personal collections are one of the best ways to turn a house into a home. Moments that draw you in and add narrative to your space – telling your story. These are the little things that make you smile.

Low Res IMG 1823
Objects collected over time are displayed on this mantle piece

Add Some Colour
Adding a splash of colour to a room can instantly liven up the space, giving it a new perspective and completely changing the way that we FEEL and BEHAVE in the space.

Play with Pattern
If you’re nervous of adding colour, or unsure what colours to together, then look to patterns instead. Mix up geometric prints with florals for balance and harmony.

IMG 6261crop
Brightly patterned curtains bring this living room to life

Flower Power
Don’t underestimate the effect of flowers on our well-being.  Flowers signify renewal.  They add colour, shape and texture to our spaces.  They help us to connect with nature.

Low Res IMG 1768
Fresh flowers add the finishing touch to this dining room

Choose Natural Materials
The air quality in our homes is generally 10x more polluted than the air on a busy high street, largely down to the invisible off-gassing of the products that we fill our homes with.  It’s time we started placing as much emphasis on what we put into our homes as what we put into our bodies.

IMG 6280
Wooden floors and a wool rug bring natural materials into this space

Banish the Clutter
Clutter creates stress, filling our homes with negative energy.  There is something gently meditative about sorting through our excess stuff, while turning chaos in to order.

Invest in Relaxation
In the fast-paced world that we live in, it is so important to give as much weight to downtime as to action time.  We need to design spaces in our homes where we can unwind, relax and recharge our batteries

Low Res IMG 1835
This bathroom provides the perfect relaxation space

Let’s make 2020 the year where we transform our homes into spaces that support our health, happiness and well-being!

“The home should be the treasure chest of living.”
Le Corbusier