Limehouse Basin Refurbishment
Limehouse Basin, London

A colourful re-design that adds character & personality to this Limehouse bachelor pad

Nicola Holden led the design and project management for this complete Limehouse Basin refurbishment.  

Our client was looking for a London-based interior designer specialising in contemporary interiors who could take a blank canvas of a flat and turn it into a colourful and welcoming home. What was a sad, unloved space prior to our client taking ownership is now a joyful, colour-filled space that packs a punch from the moment you walk through the front door.

Maximising storage was a key objective for this project, whilst maintaining a feeling of space. Colour psychology and biophilic design elements were used to create a space that nurtures our client’s wellbeing. The balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality ensures a totally bespoke space that reflects our client’s unique personality and lifestyle.

The result is a colourful home that brilliantly melds contemporary interior design with practical living.

Nicola Holden is a BIID Registered Interior Designer® who specialises in working with Biophilic Design, Colour Psychology and the Aesthetics of Joy to create spaces that are inspirational, restorative and harmonious.

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