West End Apartment
West End, London

Modern and elegant

This petite flat is my client’s London bolt-hole, situated right in the heart of the West End. The clients wanted a space that was modern and elegant, but also homely and comfortable. The colour scheme uses a monochromatic grey pallet, with interest introduced through the use of luxuriously layered textures, and splashes of mulberry and plum. As my clients don’t do much cooking whilst in London, the kitchen / dining area has been kept to a minimum, leaving plenty of space for a sumptuous seating area to relax in.

“We were delighted with Nicola’s services. She has real design flair and has transformed our apartment into an elegant and sophisticated space. Nicola was keen to make sure that we had an input into her choice of furnishings and fabrics and provided several options from which we could choose. She offered advice but was keen that the finished look expressed our own style. We now have many beautiful and unusual items, including a butterfly rug and a Serge Mouille lamp that she assured us would be perfect and we were not disappointed! Nicola is very practical and has great attention to detail, and she makes sure that the finishes are excellent. We were particularly impressed with the lighting effects that she created to complete the final look.” Janette

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