Primrose Hill Apartment

The client wanted his modern Primrose Hill apartment transformed into a statement bachelor pad with a 'wow' factor as you walked through the front door. For the living area, the brief consisted of four words - retro, funky, dark and red. This was to be a mischevious and evocative space, conjuring danger, passion and the forbidden. In the bedroom he wanted a Chinese styled sanctuary - a calm, de-stressing room that nurtures and nourishes, with the theme being carried through to the small en-suite bathroom. The main bathroom was to provide a neutral, spa like style, evoking luxury through the use of natural materials.

As featured in Ideal Home Magazine, 25 Beautiful Homes and Northwest Magazine.

"I have been delighted by my experience with Nicola Holden Designs. From the initial consultation to the finishing touches, Nicola's unique combination of design skills and engineering expertise meant that not only did the final results look fantastic, but were executed with efficiency and vision. I now have a living space which is visually striking, practical, original, comfortable and bespoke. I actually enjoyed the whole experience and for someone who hates the hassle of home renovation, that is praise indeed! I look forward to working with Nicola and her team again in the future." Geoffrey