Long Ditton House
Surbiton, Surrey

Sophisticated contemporary Scandinavian style

The owner of this house in Long Ditton, Surrey wanted to breathe life into his characterless new-build home. He wanted to transform the middle floor spaces into something with a contemporary Scandinavian style, incorporating bright colours and playful elements. The middle floor of his home consists of an adult living room and the master bedroom. Given that both rooms are visible from the central stairwell, the client wanted the design to be cohesive in terms of colour and style.

Working with a neutral palette of warm greys the design uses a variety of textures to add interest to the scheme – gloss finished furniture combined with slubby fabrics. The carrara marble side table and rug, whose design is inspired by light and reflections on water, bring a sense of luxurious calm. The grey is then lifted using brightly coloured fabrics for the living room curtains and the bedroom quilt, together with a splattering of metallic finishes. Playful elements are introduced through hints of concrete finishes, bright artwork and cushions, and the hand painted vanity stool.

The finished scheme is one of sophistication and elegance that doesn’t take itself too seriously!

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