Kensington Apartment

This bijou Kensington apartment has been completely transformed. The client is a busy city professional who wanted her apartment to be an oasis of calm when she had time to spend in it. She loved the idea of having a light, feminine space with a sumptuous, neutral palette on which she could stamp her mark. She also wanted more storage in her apartment, but didn’t want this to dominate the scheme.

As featured in InDesign Magazine.

"I had being thinking about renovating my flat for a couple of years but I never did it as I was concerned not having enough time to keep an eye on the builders, decorators, etc … and make sure the result was the one I wanted. When a friend recommended Nicola to me, I immediately thought she was the right professional to help me out and indeed she was. Her work did not end at the design stage, but she also understood how I wanted to use the space around me and the feeling I wanted to get once at home. She dealt with the workers during the entire process so I did not have to worry or be stressed as I knew there was a trustable person overlooking everything. Room for storage has doubled after the renovation and from having a “messy” flat without character (or for some with too much character), I am now living in a classy and peaceful place where everything is mirroring my state of mind. I love being back at home after a day in the office and lying on my new sofa to relax!" Nicoletta