Nicola Holden Designs offers a flexible range of Interior Design Services to suit any project and budget

Interior Design Services

Whether you are looking to freshen up a room or two, or embarking on a total renovation project, Nicola Holden Designs will work with you hand in hand to create and implement an interior design solution that oozes style.

Our creative design processes draw on over 16 years of interiors experience to identify and crystalize your personal style and set that at the core of any design.

Our design philosophy rests on four pillars:

  1. Colour Psychology: Using colour to craft spaces with balance and harmony.
  2. Biophilic Design: Scientifically proven to boost well-being, creating restorative and healthy spaces.
  3. Aesthetics of Joy: Infusing spaces with extraordinary joy through colour, texture, and shape.
  4. Sustainability: Committing to environmentally responsible design that has a lower impact on people and the planet. Nicola is on the steering committee of Interior Design Declares.

As every client is unique, we approach each project individually to ensure we provide you with a design solution that you delight in living with day after day. Our designs are tailored to meet your individual tastes, lifestyles and budgets.

We also offer ‘house doctor’ and personal shopping services.

Our Design Process

We offer an all-encompassing design service to our clients in the UK and globally.

Typically, our individually tailored design projects progress through the following stages:

Depending on the scope of the project we will:

  • Build a strong rapport with all client stakeholders to understand their design personalities and understand their key aims and goals for the project
  • Create custom visualisations and visual aids to define colour schemes and styles and to illustrate space layouts and any structural work required. We want to ensure that you can truly picture the finished result;
  • Select the fabrics, furnishings and finishes required to transform your dream into a reality;
  • Commission furniture, source original materials and seek out unique pieces to ensure a truly bespoke interior;
  • Implement the design on site using trusted, experienced tradesmen and contractors to ensure the highest quality of workmanship is delivered on your project;
  • Provide seamless project management to ensure the successful delivery of your project to your total satisfaction – no matter how big or small your design project is.

We would love to help you with any Interior Design needs you have, so contact us today by clicking below.