Hästens Chelsea Collaboration

This project was a collaboration with Hästens to demonstrate how the iconic blue and white check of the Hästens brand can be designed to fit into any interior style.

As with any bedroom design, the space needs to embody a nourishing, restful environment, but it is important for the room to feel sensual and fun as well. My bedroom concept is one that oozes sophistication and seduction, whilst retaining a calm elegance through the use of a muted palette.

"A few years ago, I decided to try and boost my then company's profile in the Interior Design community. I already knew Nicola as a client and she had impressed me with her eye for detail and pursuit of perfection for her clients.

The project that resulted was a collaboration between my company and Nicola to produce a capsule bedroom display in one of the stores that showed how our product could be inserted into many different types of environment, as well as providing a showcase for Nicola's work.

The result was beyond my expectations. Our product had to be the focus but the effect had to be accessible, comfortable and desirable. Nicola brought in fragrance, decorative items and furniture that created a beautiful bedroom. This included some unexpected touches that referred discreetly back to her own heritage and which invariably brought a smile to any clients entering the room."