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It seems like forever since I last blogged. I am pleased to say that my interior design projects have been keeping me very busy of late, but there seems to be a bit of a lull in the office today, so I am taking advantage of this to catch up on some much planned blogs.

So, before October is out, I thought I would start by telling you about Little Greene’s ‘Pink’ collection which they have launched to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October 2016.


Little Greene is one of my favourite brands of paint, and I often specify their colours in my projects. Their new ‘Pink’ collection comprises eight related pink shades, providing a delicious choice from soft delicate tones associated with femininity and sensitivity to bolder, seductive hues.


As a colour, pink comes across as being nurturing, caring, warm and romantic. Too much pink, however, can leave us feeling needy and physically weak. Soft pinks are soothing colours, and I have to say that my eyes are constantly drawn to the first image in this post – probably for exactly those reasons.


In keeping with Little Greene’s heritage links, ‘Pink’ has its roots in history. During the Renaissance period, pink was used in paintings for the flesh colour of the human body, the ‘skin’ colour being created from a combination of two pigments – ‘Sinopia’, also known as Venetian Red, and Lime White. Whilst pink colours had been used in artists’ work for centuries it was only during the 18th Century that pinks became popular in fashionable clothing and porcelain, with architecture following across Europe soon afterwards. The name ‘pink’ derived from the flower of the same name and was adopted in the late 17th.


Pink fell out of fashion in the 19th Century and only with the introduction of lightfast chemical dyes in the 20th Century creating bolder, brighter and more powerful pinks was there a resurgence in popularity. It was in the 1940s that pink truly became associated with girls; before that, pink had been for boys too.


Little Greene have also launched a new colourway of the Paradise (c1940) wallpaper design, re-coloured in a gentle pink, with a subtly shimmering mica ground. The English Heritage-owned document from which this paper is drawn is actually a 20th Century piece, but the subject – exotic flora and the familiar oriental ho-ho birds – is classic ancient Chinoiserie.


During the month of October, 15p of every can of paint and roll of wallpaper sold will be donated to Breast Cancer Haven, a charity providing one-to-one support to improve the quality of life of anyone affected by breast cancer.

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